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Protein Powder Packaging

Graphite, Pastel, Mixed Media
Animal Portrait | Drawing | Pencil

Illustration for various protein powder packaging

I had the pleasure to create some illustrations for new product packaging of the brand Levels Nutrition. These are different protein powders which now shine in new splendor with realistic pencil illustrations.

I used a variety of techniques for the collagen (protein powder) illustration, which is intended to depict a powder explosion. In addition to the conventional pencil, graphite powder, blending stumps, cotton swabs, handkerchiefs, kneaded erasers, charcoal and a scalpel were also used for this complex illustration. I really enjoyed this experimental work with a wide variety of materials and techniques!


Kuhzeichnung Sabrina Hassler | Sabrillu
Casein Protein Verpackungsdesign | Kuh-Illustration
Collagen Powder Explosion Packaging
Powder Explosion Illustration
Work in Progress

Levels® is a New York-based dietary supplement manufacturer. The company aims to produce products without artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors or false fillers. The motto of the company: “Nothing. Fake. Ever.”
Levels products are trusted by athletes and fitness enthusiasts around the world.

Casein Product Packaging Photo | Kuhzeichnung

I chose a larger format for the cow drawing in order to be able to show more details. Here I mainly worked with pencil and black pastel powder. In order to draw realistic drawings of animals, it is always important to have good reference images. For this work I merged 4 pictures into one drawing. Some elements (e. g. light situation) of an already existing cow drawing have also been merged into this work.


I am happy to create individual illustrations for your packaging. Let’s make your product an eye-catcher!

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