Hi, nice to meet you!

My name is Sabrina Hassler, I’m an illustrator and artist living in Salzburg /Austria.

My work covers the areas of illustration, graphic design, portrait and graphic arts.

I am passionate about analogue graphic illustration – I love to work with pens, ink and watercolor. But I also find the combination of traditional and digital techniques very exciting.

I’ve created book illustrations, editorial illustrations, cover designs, poster designs, packaging designs and many more for previous commissions.

More about me

I am curious and have many interests, which is why it is easy for me to get excited about many things. When drawing, I am completely in my zone and lose all sense of time.

  I love vibrant and clean design, imaginative and surreal illustrations and portraits with soul and character.

If you like my work, you have questions or you are interested in a cooperation, feel free to contact me.


When I’m not drawing you can find me singing and making music, drinking coffee in the sun, on the yoga mat or discovering a new area by bike.