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Are you looking for illustrations for your book, magazine, website or product that stand out? You’ve come to the right place!

I create professional illustrations for companies in publishing, advertising, marketing and branding. I also like to take on private commissions, if I have the time.

Tell me more about your project in the inquiry form below. I will happily send you a free cost estimate.

This is how we work together


Exciting project commissions


Tell me about your project! The first step is to find out what service you need from me. Just contact me via my website and we will clarify everything else together.

Beautiful illustrations for a fair price

Cost Estimate

I will then send you a cost estimate for the commission and we can work out a rough schedule. After I’ve received your signature, we can get to work!

Your ideas brought to life

Concept and Sketches

I will create a concept tailored to you or your company’s needs. From this, I will produce some sketches and drafts which we will go on to evaluate together.

Collaboration on a personal level


Your feedback will allow me to modify and improve the illustrations or designs to your liking, so that we are both happy with the end results.

Designs with a lasting impression


After making the final tweaks, I will be ready to send the designs directly to you in the desired format.

Let’s get creative together!

Contact me now to discuss your project. I look forward to learning about your ideas and turning them into unique illustrations.

Tell me about your project!

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The more information you give me, the better I can respond to your ideas and needs. Try to include in your description:

  • purpose of the illustrations (e.g. book/magazine, packaging, advertising etc.)
  • what should be depicted
  • style ideas
  • size and format
  • budget
  • number of illustrations
  • delivery time: When should the illustrations be ready?

Frequently asked questions

How much does illustration cost?

The price depends heavily on the scope of the project, the granted usage rights and corrections needed. Here are a few example fees: an illustration for a novel cover costs on average €1,060, a CD cover €910. Packaging illustrations cost  €1,293 on average.
I would be happy to provide you with a non-binding offer for your project!

How long will it take?

For book illustrations (such as children’s books) I need between 6 and 16 weeks, depending on the size of the project. I calculate an average of 1-2 weeks for portraits (up to size Din A3) and for less extensive illustration orders.
The total duration of the design process also depends on the number of corrections required.

Are corrections included?

Usually two correction loops are included in the price, one in the draft phase and one in the finalisation phase. Further corrections can also be factored into the offer before the order is placed. Corrections outside the agreed framework are billed on an hourly basis.

What are usage rights?

In principle, only the creator can determine how and whether the work is published. The rights of use grant the type and scope of the permitted use. They determine how, for how long and where the illustrations may be used. The illustration cannot and must not be used without the transfer of the appropriate rights of use. Don’t worry if you don’t know exactly what rights you need. I’ll happily walk you through the process!

Can I use an image from your website?

In order to be able to use my illustrations, you need usage rights (see point “Usage rights”). You can acquire rights for an existing illustration via a license agreement. Just write me which image you would like to use and we will discuss together to what extent and under what conditions you can purchase the license.

Do you also accept private commissions?

Yes! I am very happy to draw portraits of families, couples or newborns in pencil or charcoal in your desired size. The well-packaged works of art are shipped throughout Europe.
But I can also design something very personal for your wedding invitation. No matter what project it may be, just send me an inquiry!

I look forward to our collaboration!

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