Graphite Cow Drawings

Original drawings on Fabriano 640g
90cm x 90cm
Pencil | Animal drawing | Original

Original Graphite Drawings

These large-format graphite cow drawings have found a perfect place in the hotel “zumOXN” in Germany. The hotel, which opened in 2020, provides a charming offer for business travellers, art lovers and connoisseurs. Various artworks and installations in the house and around the building are a special highlight. The beautiful graffiti art by Jana & JS and Michael Ferner in the courtyard is just one example.

If you are interested in the drawing process of a 90cm x 90cm big cow drawing you can watch this timelapse video on my Instagram profile.

Großflächenwerbung Kuh | Sabrillu | Sabrina Hassler


Add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home or office with my unique and eye-catching graphite drawings. Inquire today and enjoy the timeless charm of these artworks.

Kunstdruck Kuhportrait - Fine Art Print Cow portrait Sabrina Hassler
Hochlandrind-Zeichnung mit Bleistift

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