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Paul the Panda – Children’s book

“Paul Gets a New Family”
From Tales of Paul the Special Panda, Volume 1
Published in 2021 by Bekit Verlag
Text: Andrea Kaderabek
Children’s book illustration: Sabrina Hassler

Children’s book illustration of a touching story

What happens when you need a new family? And does it feel when you come into a new family?

In this lovingly told picture book story, the topic of foster and adopted children is even for the youngest clearly explained.

It was a particularly exciting task for me to present such a serious and important topic in a way that children can understand. Particular focus was placed on the emotions of the animals in the book. Especially, of course, Paul’s emotions.

Paul der Panda Cover
Kinderbuch-Illustration Panda Bambus
Dschungel Tiere Kinderbuch-Illustration, Paul der Panda | Children's book illustration
Bilderbuch Paul der Panda | Children's picture book
Rückseite Kinderbuch Bambus

You can buy the panda children’s book “Paul gets a new family” HERE. (GERMAN)

Adventure in the deep jungle

Although the children’s book deals with a serious topic, the story takes place in a colorfully illustrated jungle world that conveys happiness and hope. Lush green, bamboo and exotic jungle plants form the environment in this children’s book.

Panda-Mama mit Baby Illustration
Paul der Panda - Kinderbuch Adoptivkinder

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