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Live-event-drawing for Prada


The special attraction at a Prada event was that customers could get their portrait drawn by an illustrator on site in the store. I am honored to have been chosen for this challenging role.


On site drawing is very challenging, especially drawing portraits live at an event. Faces are even more diverse when people are sitting right in front of you. You also get a glimpse of the personality sitting across from you. For me, the greatest strength of a drawn portrait is that the artist can focus on certain features that someone else might not have noticed. So each artist actually portrays a subjective view of the person portrayed.


Another challenge with live-event-drawing is the limited time – most people don’t want to spend hours posing for a portrait. For the portraits at Prada I had about 20 minutes per person.


Here you can watch a video of the process – VIDEO

Photo credit: Herbert Rohrer from




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