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Graphite pencils and powder on paper
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Personality on paper

I drew these pencil portraits with various graphite pencils on fine art paper. I’ve always been fascinated by faces. A drawn portrait can subtly capture the personality and mood of the sitter, which is often difficult to achieve in a photograph. It also shows all the hours that went into making a person appear on the blank sheet of paper. For me, this often creates a special connection to the person in the portrait. After many hours of close scrutiny, I have the feeling that I know the person , even though I may not have met them before.

Catalina | Sabrina Hassler und Michael Ferner | Gemeinsame Kunstwerke

I have explained in detail on my blog how to draw a portrait. Here you can also watch a video and follow the creation process.

Bleistiftportraits - graphite portrait - Sabrillu
Graphite Portrait drawing girl with bird
Pencil drawing of a beautiful woman with nature elements

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Timeless unique pieces

A pencil portrait is a hand-drawn, unique piece that only exists once. A family portrait is often passed down through several generations.

Portrait von Emma Watson, Bleistift und Aquarell

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