Book-Illustration, Illustration
black and white, graphite illustration, songbook

Illustrations for the songbook:

“Lei mei anzige Liab”
Harp fantasies about Carinthian tunes


Author/ Composer: Eveline Schuler
Publisher: Verlag Johannes Heyn
Printing: Buch Theiss GmbH
Illustrations: Sabrina Hassler


The solo harpist Eveline Schuler has bundled all her fantasies about well-known Carinthian songs, which she has composed over the years, in this music book. The result is a songbook for the harp that many have been waiting for a long time. Black and white illustrations have been created to match the songs (e.g. “Gern habn tuat guat” or “Schean still fallt dar Schnea”), which visualise the dreamy character of the songs well.


Technique of the illustrations in the songbook: graphite on fine art paper


Eveline Schuler teaches harp, dulcimer and zither at the Gustav Mahler Music School in Klagenfurt.



I used a similar technique for this project: Children’s Book Illustration