My workflow


What's it about?

You send me a request via e-mail or contact me by phone. You tell me what your project is about and what I can help you with.


How much is it?

Next you will receive a cost estimate and a rough schedule is also set. If you agree, you send me back the signed estimate.

Concept and drafts

Your ideas made visible

Then I create a concept that is individually fitted to your needs.
I will make sketches and drafts based on this concept.
You will receive the designs via mail and will give me your feedback on it in the next step.


Do you like it?

Your feedback will allow me to modify and improve the illustrations or designs to your liking, so that we are both happy with the results in the end.

Final art

Let's make something great!

After we've improved the concept and drafts I can create the final art. At the end you will receive your files in the desired format.